A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Train your TaPet and race your opponents!

How you train your TaPet effects how it grows! 14 forms to see!

Available for PC and Android!

Install instructions

The .zip includes a .exe, a data folder, and an .apk. The .exe and data folder need to be in the same directory. The .apk can be installed on an Android device if you would like a mobile version.

If you have any issues or see any mispellings/bugs, contact me on twitter @madlobotanist and I'll see what I can do to help!


TaPetV1_0.zip 71 MB


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Cute! It was a bit sad that they kept dying before I could finish all of the races, but I was able to beat the final race on the third pet! I didn't quite like that speed seems to be the best stat to raise, because clicking so much is kind of annoying to do. But other than that I liked it!