W- Speed Up, S-Slow Down, A/D-Turn

The Sliders at the top of the Screen modify values of the game. They pretty much affect what they say on the tin. You can drive off the edge (don't worry, you won't fall, I've turned off the Gravity), but the Camera get's a Little Jittery while you're in the Void. So be careful I guess.

This is just a quick Prototype that I made in a day for an Idea that I have and want to work on. As it is, most of the Gameplay will consist of some Variation of what I have built here, which means it's important that it Feels Good To Play. So, play around with the Sliders, leave Comments on which Numbers you like where, and tell me what you Like/Dislike about what I've built so far. I'd really appreciate it!

If you need to reach me, I'm on Twitter @madlobotanist !

Made withUnity
TagsPrototype, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds

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